Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

You never know what you’re about to get. That can be an advantage, of course, but it can also be stressful.

Our nails are often a showpiece of beauty for those around us. They are a fashion statement, the finishing touch on any photo shoot and sometimes an argument! If you’re not taking care of your nails and want to see them the way they were meant to be, you’ll certainly want to commit to these 10 beauty tips.

1. Switch your cuticle cream.

That miraculous cream that’s supposed to remove dead skin cells is just temporary, you know that! Stick to moisturizing your cuticles and letting them breathe a little before you seal them in with wax or tanners. However, if you need extra care of the skin on your cuticles for washing your face, use a peel and gently smooth your cuticles on the areas that you’ll need touchups.

2. Wipe down your polish.

I’m so sorry, but that cute little fix-all gel nail polish is no good! Just like you, they crack! And just like you, they need daily hand wipes in order to not chipped. You probably still use white toxic polish remover, but let’s get real.

You don’t have to use goop and stuff on your fingernails or on your hands — you can just cover it up with pretty nail varnish.

3. Oil-blot instead of buff.

Shave and smooth all over with a brush instead of polishing with a harsh beige polish.

4. The right wine to serve your guests.

This one will surprise you. A martini mixer is actually a key way to keep your wine moist. Mix two parts white wine and one part vodka or cranberry juice to serve at the table, and you’ll get absolutely nothing wet. Do the same with champagne and the same with beer.

7. To warm your nails.

To keep your nails from getting chipped, take them to a hot oven, such as a French press, or preheat an old smoker outside your home. You also could take them to an indoor oven. Just be careful not to overcook them. They’ll take longer to come back up after they cool.