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A day is never complete without a Manicure or Pedicure. This new season, we want to show you that you can blend the conventional methods with modern-day updates to create a truly customized look. Achieving a nice everyday look is all about making sure that you cover your hands properly. With the rise of manis with silver or lacquered tips, traditional looks have been merging. Using bright colors and neon shapes, the latest looks are far more modern and interesting than ever before. With that in mind, we would love to share with you some of the new trends that are in the realm of beauty. Take a look at the 10 most trending nail colors of 2020 so far:1.

Brick black

Black looks not only attractive, but is actually needed for your fingers. You may be able to find yourself trapped if you don’t have a suitable color. For fall, look into brick-colored manicures. These looks are perfect for the warm season.

2. Simultaneous lace

This and the whole theme of “going for it”, is getting into fashion. For next spring , opt for an online purchase of lace-up nails.

You can also look to this trend for Winter.

3. Modern pop of green

This new spring mani is one that you can plan for years to come. Once you get this style, you will be ready to go. You can even take your tips to the next level with green-colored long nails. This nail will definitely be one of your favorites.

4. Eclectic jewelry

So long as you’re not a loyal Disney fans, you can live in them. This season in fashion, flashy pieces are easily the best choice. You’ll also find yourself wearing necklaces, earrings, and anything else that goes with the theme.

5. Gold for warm days

With gold, you get a form of bling in the winter. There’s no easy way around it. But trust us, you won’t have to go too overboard.

Try to find something that makes your hands look especially desirable when you’re out.

6. Get glitter Manicure

Don’t be too tempted to choose a natural gold shade. You’ll find that the glitter is probably pretty much hidden. You can pay attention to some of the most popular products available. Take, for example, $15. 00.

7. Nail chalk

Do you ever get tired of clean nail polish after a while? We understand your frustration.

These gadgets come with maintenance service, so you can keep your look fresh. Before you go, make sure you check out what the battery is about.

8. Photos for size

We’re going to do something totally unconventional for spring. Go for the colors you love the most. After all, one item does not define you.

This is especially true for nails. No matter how dark or bright you go, you can still show your personality with your look.

9. Apply New Styles

Being someone who loves different patterns, you can expand your classic looks. Instead of a traditional hot pink polish or nude nail, try green or blue.

10. #sparklezinkit

In the latest trend, you can take your slick look to the next level. You can easily get back into normal life after a few minutes.

These tutorials will take you through all the options of the perfect nail color for your hands and feet. by Jennifer Link

Spring is here, and you know what that means: dabbling in beautiful pastels. This month, there are so many incredible nude trends and colors, it can be hard to pick just one. First, let me give you a rundown of the three layers of the nail s — the first (or base) layer is the most beautiful and the second layer is your staple nail color. The fourth layer has only minimal look but is just as nice, if a little more simple. Your final layer is your nude Manicure — used for winter as a base, it’s the perfect choice for spring.

Now, these are some of my favorite spring works of art for winter, and I can only imagine what’s on the horizon in the months to come. Keep scrolling to see all the images you’ll need to get the perfect dry/sanded, natural, semi-nude Manicure. So you know that the polka dot trend looks irresistible, yet keeping your nails in a safe colour can be a challenge. With a dip-dye trend like this, winter can still be done right. If you want a safe, bold shade for the spring 2018 nails, try the Dip Dye Trend. This design uses the popular matte colour but slathers it with fun fun colour.

When you read that, it sounds like a toy, yet with Nail Art, art lovers get creative with this one. I. Pointed Espadrille

This warm spring colour is the style of your Nail Art dreams come true. This year, the elegant millennial trope has reached a new level, and all girls can’t wait to see it in person. It’s a glitter bomb in sand. The clear crystals are actually beautiful sparkling dots. Bold for Bitch

The play of textures has re-mapped the nail art realm. It’s clean and simple. The nail s with twist section is like transforming from winter to spring.

It’s a bold tie-dye injection for when you feel ready to play. Get Dipped So Pretty

This is the perfect, basic dip-dye for nail art as it keeps the daring trend from overwhelming your nails. The colors are subtle and elevated without being offensive. In other words, ladies, you can try this one — it’s designed for mature women. So Indulgent

Back to winter, you can relive the true character of summer with spring nails. Paint your nail s in a glossy nude like these summertime colours.

Pick the glitter decor for the wrong words. Big Painted Flowers

The fresh, young, flower design is an effervescent one. Glittering flowers and spikes in peacock are beautiful on your digits. They should be dipped as dip-dye to give a pop of colour. Smoky Eyes

The smoky eye look is enjoying a renaissance. So your day could look like this on it’s best self.

Make it different by sticking to shades of grey. It reminds me of the winter nights I’ve been having recently. These will give your look added shape.

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