Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Feb. 6 might as well be the Second Coming of the Bolo.

Nails are so fashion conscious that they got their own emoji back in July. Oftentimes, they’re iconic — but a few days a year, they are wizened by summer weather and can get mighty dull. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of mini-lessons on how to take great nails from January to June.

Credit: Getty Images Having fun with nail art.

1. Have fun

Because putting a big wow on your nails is fun.

2. Relax

Because the world as you know it is a thing of the past. Life is too short to stress out about the wrong position of your ring finger.

3. Get your bodies in check

Because you look skinny and great while sporting nails with insets in a bra, maxi dress or high heels.

4. Remember that nails matter

Because healthy nails say you care.

5. Relax.

And relax when you choose.

6. Get creative

Because whimsical colors in and of themselves are never enough.

7. Take your breath away

Because you truly have no idea what a nail is made of until your polish is dry.

8. Have fun

Before everything else. Because you can’t be sexy if you’re stressed.

9. Reinvent your art

Because acrylics are classics. They are not the look of the future. They are not the look of today.

10. Dance like nobody’s watching

Because it’s totally OK to do these things.

11. Drink

Because nothing makes you feel more glamorous than wearing a little red lip and black pumps.

12. Be happy

Because art is fun, and so is artistry.

13. Kill it

Because you can’t be really creative if you’re stressed.

14. Flaunt them

Because they’re the best part of your body. That’s why they are the face of your brand.