Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Nails are an easy way to make a statement. You can put on your favorite pair of heels to show off the perfect pedicure, or go all out and paint the sides of your nails to make them really stand out. We’ve done the research for you. Here are 15 ways to make sure you have manicures worth cheering about.

1. Choose colors and solids that really stand out, but not too bold. A bold layer can look great when paired with a neutral-toned color. For instance, consider a nude-toned shade with a saturated pink to play up the brightness of your color.

2. Brush your nail polish twice. The top layer of polish needs to last longer, so don’t be tempted to flake off your polish during regular use. Use the carpal tunnel technique on the tip of your fingertips. When you brush it up, you’ll need to keep brushing it down to make sure it stays put. If you don’t do this, it can slip off your nails when you’re sleeping.

3. Apply a nail polish with just one coat. If you want to make sure you can wear the same color for days, you might want to try new nail polishes. Think about how your nails look the first time you’ve worn a certain color. If they still look cool, you probably have months left on the coat.

4. Invest in great polish that comes in a variety of colors. Resist buying a shade of polish that’s just like your favorite on sale or left at the drugstore. Nail color is about attitude, not prices. And unless you’re wearing those wild orange and green manicures, it’s best to pick out your favorite brand of polish every time you buy your pedicure.

5. Apply nail polish sparingly and keep nails clean. The more polish you add to your nails, the more likely your nail polish will chip. So leave some for later. You don’t want your nails to be worn clean, completely covered in polish.

6. Keep an eye on your polish tip. Whether you’re wearing a base coat or a top coat, make sure the tip of your nail polish is on point. They should be evenly distributed and show no damage.

7. Give nail polish a break. It can take up to six weeks to start to fade color when it’s applied. Just don’t expect to ever wake up without getting a pedicure.

8. Keep nails cleaner. A fresh cut, a rinse of the sink and some moisturizing toner can go a long way in keeping your nails looking like they do in winter.

9. Do your trimming regularly. The salon isn’t always the safest place to do your manicure or pedicure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cut at home. So, start your cut, put nail polish on and, if you have the opportunity, cut your nails while you’re having your pedicure.

10. Don’t leave too much polish on your nails. Between oil and dirt, it’s easy to end up with unsightly layers. Do your best to give your nails a quick trim before you leave the salon.

11. Don’t use the tiniest nails. If you want big, bold nails, paint the sides of your nails to go with the rest of your manicure. It’s a great way to show off the top coat and show off the bigger lines on your nail bed.

12. Don’t forget to admire your beautiful nails. Take some photos and share them on social media. Your nails will always be a big talking point around the holidays and you’ll get plenty of compliments.

13. Get help when you need it. We don’t want anyone’s nails to be too damaged when they have to get a pedicure. If you decide to have one, it’s important to get someone to help you clean your nails after you get them ready.

14. Wear comfy shoes that work with your nails. Although there are styles that work perfectly, a good pair of shoes won’t suck the life out of your nails. Pay attention to the design and style of your footwear and choose them for their function before you leave the salon.

15. Use a manicure gel. It can make your polish last longer, and it’s easy to clean.