Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

We’re serious when we say that nail art is all the rage right now. Not only are it trending every single week, but you can snag inspiration from all over the web for a convincing nail look. It’s fun and easy to try out for yourself, no matter your nail artist skills. You can give the look a bit of edge with nails that have blue tips. We get the feeling you can do anything with these!

Blue Tips (Makeup Artist Submitted)

Even if the actual overall nail art doesn’t make you want to flash your friends (or your purse), the entire look was definitely worth it. This look, thanks to makeup artist Alexander, totally works with a day to day application and in this case, a blunt pointy tip.

Nails by Alicia

Nails by Deihim

Nails by Modern Backs

Nails by Tine Kan

Nails by Wong & Wong

Image Source: Getty / John Phillips

Nails by Tin…Kan

Image Source: Getty / Mark Ralson

Stubble Sticks Stickers

Nails by Grace Flores

Nails by Maribeth

Nails by Rebecca Bach

Nails by Rachael Cam

Nails by Naoko

Image Source: Getty / Esteban Felix

Nails by Gabrielle

Image Source: Getty / Galit Rodan

Sydney Trujillo

Image Source: Getty / Desiree Navarro

DIY nails

Image Source: Getty / Joe Scarnici

Stick-on nails

Image Source: Getty / Scuplj