Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

The phrase “your pet hates you” doesn’t exactly come to mind when it comes to nail clipping. But that often isn’t the case. According to Kelly Weigel, owner of Koda Nails, pets have a major personal finance impact on owners as they age. In many situations, pet owners often fall short on their own expenses, and their expense for grooming and nail trimming is often far higher than it should be.

“For pet owners who are also self-employed or professional caregivers, they often go without routine grooming and nail trimming,” Weigel said. “So it’s not uncommon to have to deal with dead or unkempt nails and purse thefts. This can have a huge financial impact.”

Here are some simple and inexpensive tips and tricks for clipping your pet’s nails:

1. If you live near a veterinarian, call ahead to ensure your pet will be able to come in for a nail trim. These can be booked weeks or months in advance to ensure you don’t face any last-minute issues. Additionally, when you schedule an appointment, make sure your vet will come by the day of your nail trim to give you feedback. If not, it’s best to contact your veterinarian’s office at least a day or two before the nail trim and they’ll still be able to offer you a quick response.

2. Ask your vet for a reduction of tools used when clipping your pet’s nails. Vet’s offices frequently offer discounts if you agree to receive materials at the time you schedule an appointment. Also, be aware that some areas of your pet’s nails can get rough and sometimes sharp, so ask your vet to offer a barbell to be used with any hardware to reduce stress to your pet.

3. If you’re exercising your pet before the nail trim, simply prepare your pet’s nails as you would for exercise. Remove excess dead skin and trim any bare or gnarled nails so they don’t attract flies or rocks.

4. Because your pet’s nails can easily be dead and brittle during their cut, ask your vet for a pair of wire clip blades. These give you plenty of stability and can help to aid in clipping along the dog’s nail beds without tearing through the skin. Clip blades are available in most pet shops.

5. If you are spending a good chunk of your budget on pet grooming, consider outfitting your home with nail trimmers as a home setting. Cats and dogs love to jump through windows and doorways, so using nail trimmers is a great way to help keep you and your pet safe. These kits are available online and can cost as little as $10.

6. If you suffer from a common skin condition, such as eczema, ask your vet for a monthly pre-emptive shot to ensure your pet’s nails don’t spark a flare-up.