Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

While this list will be long, many important tips are covered in this post. We’ll start with the most important ones:

1. Keep In Mind Where You’re Putting Your Toenails

Be mindful of where you’re putting your toes—because anyone can feel your thorns. Make sure you’re sitting in a decent position to sit comfortably so that you don’t get a rash of redness as your nails grow out. This is especially important in your muggy and sweaty Southern California summer. If you have to go outside in summer, make sure you wear clog socks to prevent ingrown nails.

2. Take A Bit Of Time In The Garden

Nails grow two inches every six weeks, so take a break from the sink and garden on a daily basis. The sun can also help your nails grow! When you’re not gardening, simply wrap your toenails in a heavy gel or clear nail polish. The longer your nails grow, the more proof you’ll have that you’re not getting fake nails!

3. Don’t Squirt

Don’t be lazy and squirt an offending nail with saline solution, even if you’re blessed with a perfectly fine toenail. Your body won’t be able to properly handle the swelling, and so your toes could end up sprouting rat-teeth-looking gray-green hairs. Don’t ignore your nails’ needs!

4. Get A Formal Manicure

The reason that we wear hats indoors is to protect our eyes and skin, but while hot weather means we can never hide, we should never forget to protect our nails from the sun and heat. Nail polish is the best thing ever for preventing tanning, skin cancer, and, well, the general societal effects of SPF rays.

5. Watch What You Eat

Can’t eat fries? Snack on a piece of lettuce instead. Use lettuce as a substitute for croutons and chips. Stay away from French fries, because the leaves have a number of vitamin deficiencies. Get your vitamins from your cup of boiled sweet potato. It can provide significant amounts of beta-carotene and fiber, and is even a great source of antioxidants.

6. Switch Your Carries

Risky or not, we cannot go on with a life without going out with our toenails sticking out of our shoes. Everyone knows how to go running, right?

Take the time to switch them out before the season comes to an end. Buy the shoes that come with slides, and take your nails out before you buy them. Then keep a small nail file in your car for when you get home. You can find great, miniature manicure files for under $10 here.

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