Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Long fingernails can be a nightmare when you’re an athlete because they make sticking to sports hard. The great thing about natural nails is they are more flexible than synthetic nails and are strong enough to withstand wear and tear on the feet and the nail bed. While the start to get your nails healthy and strong is important, it is important to remember that when it comes to natural nails you shouldn’t think of them as an afterthought when you start to add a few things to your diet. Here are 7 natural techniques for beautiful, strong and healthy nails.

1. The Way in Which You Grow Your Nails

Research has found that oatmeal has a unique ability to support the nails by helping them develop strong connections. Oatmeal contains the necessary carbohydrates and proteins for the nails to grow strong and strong. Not only is this a great way to create a stronger healthy nail, but it’s also a good breakfast too.

2. A Minty Sensitive Face

Many people use hibiscus flower powder or products with hibiscus as moisturizer. This happens because hibiscus flowers are known for being an excellent moisturizer for the skin. However, hibiscus flowers do contain phytates and other chemicals that can be harmful to the body if you ingest them. If you want to make this ingredient as far from your body as possible, never put it on your hands.

3. Treat Yourself

Slimming and healthy hair is a main focus for natural nails, and just as natural ingredients such as turmeric and coconut oil are used for a healthier hair, they can be used in a similar way for your nails. For those who love the feeling of fried foods, turmeric may be a good alternative. The extract of turmeric contains a unique molecule that may be able to regulate blood flow and fight those acids from frying your food. The organic dietary supplement is also able to help eliminate toxins.

4. A Robust Lifestyle

Holly Henderson, the owner of the popular high-end nail salon at Georgetown Spa, says eating whole foods and drinking plenty of water may be what your nail rests the healthiest. It is therefore important to change up your diet in order to prevent these nail problems.

5. Vegan or Vegan Dips

Animal products such as meat and dairy are known to contain toxins that harm the body. It is therefore important to eliminate these substances from your diet and incorporate vegetarian or vegan dips, such as hummus, into your diet.

6. Phenolic Spices

Spices contain natural compounds that help support the nail health and strength by enhancing the production of collagen. Phenolic extracts have already been studied to be effective in treating wounds and can also help strengthen the nail beds. Try adding black pepper or cayenne pepper to your diet in order to get a boost of energy.

7. Skincare, Acne, and Diet

While these tips can provide great ways to strengthen and protect your nails, it is important to look at your own skincare and diet to avoid harmful elements that can affect your nail health. A healthy diet can include fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, corn, and broccoli. You also need to avoid foods that contain certain proteins, especially those that contain hormones or antibiotics.

With natural nail care, it is essential to incorporate products that are safe and sensitive for your skin and nails. It is also crucial to carefully follow your skincare regimen to prevent any potential harmful effects of diet, skin, and nails.

This article was written by Ryan Reese, founder of the popular natural nail salon: Georgetown Spa.