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5 Things You Should Know About Nail Clippers

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • November 2, 2019

Photo courtesy of the ASPCA: Nail clippers can be dangerous to use. (Photo: ASPCA) It’s a time-honored tradition: Your dog stops to lick your hand and literally peels off part of your glove. Nails, after all, are often the first thing that bites people in the finger or a wrist, and this is why so […]

6 Best Tips For Picky Nail Pickers

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • November 1, 2019

Nail technician Natalie Ott has spent two decades training and creating innovative tools, colors and techniques to help create manicures of the future. But she feels a greater need for everyone to know a little something about their nails. “I want everyone to take better care of their nails,” she told HuffPost. “Routine is so […]

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Tips to Help Maintain your Nails after your Pedicure

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • November 1, 2019

We may be living in a world where flash dryers are in our kitchen cabinets and 7-second intervals are the norm on-set — yet it takes professionalism to operate a nail salon, and a practice like tip-taking can be tricky. For those who only look to their aesthetician for a pedicure on a whim, our […]

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