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Six Tips To Protect Your Nails From Food Mistakes

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 25, 2020

Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to get cracking again in the kitchen. With those fresh ingredients in the oven, cooking on the stove top can quickly turn into more of a chore than a pleasure. “Dry, cracked or split nails are a sign of stress,” said Shannon Ching, P.I., a nail […]

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Best Short-Ranking Nail-Art Tutorials on Instagram

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 25, 2020

The internet is full of nail-art tutorials for finding a finger-long pointy thing, and certain things have you in stitches: you can get “X-Ray vision” or there’s a nifty new way to watch the video game Minecraft. The truth is that growing nails quickly requires dedication and a couple things you’ll want to keep in […]

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How to Use a Nail File in Disgu

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 25, 2020

According to Manicurist Magazine, babies’ nails grow anywhere from 14 to 20 inches. No doubt this is exciting and fun, but you might be wishing you hadn’t allowed your baby to have a beer first. Such an event will undoubtedly reduce the baby’s nail growth. Without medical supervision or a good nail file, a baby’s […]

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How to Stop Biting Nails

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 25, 2020

You don’t want to give your life a root canal, but you know you’re going to nail it in a few minutes, right? If so, you’re probably biting your nails. The tiny bits of dead skin are like knives and razor blades waiting to cut into your skin. They’re also super slippery, which is probably […]

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What to Do When Cutting Baby’s Nails

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 25, 2020

Getting Newborn’s Nails Clipped By a Professional Is a Must Your baby’s time in the hospital will undoubtedly be a challenging time for you and your significant other, but your baby’s tiny feet may not have been. To make things easier, you’re going to need some expert nail clippers for cutting away at your tiny […]

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Steps to Grow Nails Fast and Lasting

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 25, 2020

4 Ways to Grow Nails Faster and Better Than Anyone Else It’s officially starting to feel like Spring — and you know what that means: it’s finally time to dust off those duckies (wink wink, nudge nudge) and start over with your nails. With the average finger taking more than two minutes to set, we […]

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How to Repair Broken Nails 2019

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 25, 2020

While you’re excited about a new book, new makeup product, or a luxurious mattress, you’re more likely to have a silent horror in the back of your mind: I need to replace those crappy old nails. Our grooming rules are a little less clear, but there’s an easy fix for this old issue — just […]

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How to Fix Nail Trimming With a Dog Board

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 25, 2020

A quick scroll through my Instagram feed reveals that one of my greatest pet peeves is the way my white dachshund Ciara handles her nails. In all three of the photos I find herself scrunching her face and completely scraping off any remaining skin on her feet. It seems whenever she’s rubbing one of her […]

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Eating, Drinking, and Nail Art 2019

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 24, 2020

Avoiding nail polish and sanding any freshly completed finger nails will do wonders to cool things down on those long Winter days When it comes to quality, artwork and nail care, summer is less about perfection and more about can-do attitude. Let’s just forget about the weather and just wait it out for Spring and […]

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DIY Nail Art Tools

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 24, 2020

Between retouching your look on Instagram and flipping through Pinterest for inspiration, nail art has become a huge inspiration for style enthusiasts of all ages. And, while you may be using one of the big names in nail art like Fenty or Nails Inc to get you ready for a hot night out, there are […]

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