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How to Stop Nail Biting

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 12, 2019

This Type of Biting is Going to Start Getting Old — Here’s How to Stop It and Stop Biting Your Nails Having to repeatedly smack your hands on your nails to dislodge a nail biting wound may seem like a nuisance at first, but ultimately, it just increases your discomfort. According to many women, wanting […]

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Questions to Ask Before Booking a Nail Salon

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 12, 2019

Nail trends come and go, but one thing remains constant: the salons you choose to work with. We love having our nails cared for by someone we trust, whether it’s a friend or business associate. To help you choose, here are seven questions to ask before shelling out the cash. How long has the salon […]

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What to Do With Nail Polish Drabs

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 12, 2019

Let’s face it — your toenails have probably gone through this year’s nail lacquer brushes and put quite a bit of dirt and debris inside. That means old, gross varnish is doing its darnedest to sneak onto your toes. But fear not, the New World Healing spa is here to remedy your toenail woes. It’s […]

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How to Get Nails Perfection

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 12, 2019

Nails aren’t just about looking pretty or even getting the perfect mani — it’s also about getting away with them if you’re a sextuplet. And according to nails expert Adie Davis, the secret to getting them looking truly flawless is to listen to your inner barber. She uses a little bit of philosophy and a […]

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How to Make Your Nails Grow Longer

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 12, 2019

Whether it’s starvation or a lack of effort, one of the biggest risks you can take to your nails is neglecting them. We spend the majority of our day indoors during our working hours, so keeping a trimmed, healthy nail is a must. If your nails are not behaving as usual, a trip to the […]

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Cats: They Can Even Talk (And Tell You Their Tits Are Full)

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 12, 2019

Don’t underestimate your cat’s intelligence — they are smart! They not only can hunt, but they can also learn and understand more complex behavior patterns than we give them credit for. They can also learn and practice behaviors that are typically only available to dogs. So knowing how your cat communicates can give you an […]

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Four Ways To Be Safe When It Comes To Your Manicure

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 12, 2019

Women are accustomed to the added discomfort of correcting their mani-pedis at the end of a long day. But recently, another work-related nail headache has come to their attention. Ahem, is your Mani-Pedi safe? You may want to take some precautions when you’re looking to customize a manicure for your special someone. Unlike today’s safe […]

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The Best Dermatologist Tips For Your Nails And Cuticles

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 12, 2019

11/04/18 12/12/18 POPSUGAR Beauty 7 Best Dermatologist Tips To Keep Your Nails & Cuticles Looking Healthy, How To Treat/Avoid Ingrown Toenails Cuticles are a fascinating part of every woman’s beauty routine, but they tend to not get the care they need. Drowning in a gel nail polish sinkhole is going to look like a sea […]

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Top 10 Holiday Tips For Nails and Toes

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 12, 2019

These Are the 10 Top Tips You Need to Know To Get Nice Lips and Great Nails In today’s Instagram world, beauty doesn’t end once you get to your destination. Most who enjoy traveling do so for the entertainment aspect but there are those who want to look and feel their best. It is crucial […]

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14 Of The Best Tips And Tricks For A Long, Flirty Manicure

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 11, 2019

Nails aren’t boring anymore. So many types of manicures are now easily attainable, from short styles to bold colors. While some call them boring, we just think of them as a distraction (and a way to end the day when you have too much going on anyway). Whether your nails are longer or short, having […]

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