Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

When it comes to unkempt manes and who knows how many nails our felines have, we couldn’t help but wonder what the sex ratio is on the actual cat. I just did a quick Google search to find out and I was surprised to see how high the male-to-female ratio was — around 100 million to 800 million. How many are there? Do my cats need to be extra careful? If I feed my cat well, am I stuffing their lungs? How do I keep them from eating pussy cat food? So here are a few tips I have on keeping my cats’ oral-smeared nails smelling fresh.

Depending on the current weather, it’s a good idea to make sure your cat has fresh indoor air (check your home ventilation filters for dog odors) and to reduce UV light exposure by keeping your windows shut. Keep the temperature between 68-72 degrees as this exposes them to too much heat. Also keep all your cleaning products in cabinets so they aren’t sniffing around the bathtub. Nails shouldn’t be touching water — especially because wet nails are tough on our cat’s dental system. If you’re having fun playing with your cat on walks, keep the noise low, mostly because our cats find lots of things noisy. If you’re not aware of your cat’s favorite scent, scent traps can help to ensure the cat is able to find its way back home (I especially love the ones by Paw Patrol, but I love just about any brand!). Do your nails go away when they dry? If you thought that your cat’s nails were just always dirty, your thinking is wrong, even if you’re trying to clean them up. Cats were designed with many scents in their sense of smell, which gives them the ability to smell even if their nails are dirty. Whatever you’re doing, don’t try cleaning her own nails; leave her alone! Shaving your cat’s feet can hurt and cause excessive scratching — perhaps you’d want to try using disinfecting pads instead of neoprene shoe laces, which can cause kitty foot issues. No one really wants to deal with blisters or scratches from trying to get her hair out. If your cat constantly scratches on a door hinge, close the door on the hinge for a few days to help her feel more comfortable, but if she still doesn’t stop, run into a door and distract her — this can usually do the trick. If your cat is miserable, distract her by putting her favorite food in the bowl (or another treat she likes) with tea lights or incense. Use liquid catnip on your pet to relax her, though be careful not to use liquid catsupreas, as they can sometimes contain rabies. Wiping her nails with cotton will usually keep them clean, but to be safe, keep clear, fresh, and chlorinated water on hand.