Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Starting off our new year with beautiful nails is a priority for many of us. Whether you’re seeing red for the first time or are going straight up for a nude and black finish, you want to get your hands done well for those special moments you’re planning to share with your loved ones. Thankfully, the options of how to create those perfect nails are practically endless. Here are 10 tips for beautiful nails that we’ve gathered.

Carry out your manicure the same way you do your beauty routine. Your nails can get a little dry, so it’s best to wait until they get a little more consistent color in between appointments so they won’t get brittle. For the best results, use your all-purpose nail polish remover; you can also get some excellent nails using them as your primer base coat. Don’t forget to wash your hands before each manicure. Keep a few scrubbing pads on hand because it’s not uncommon for nail polish to not glide out as cleanly as it should. Use a nail file. There are a ton of products that promise to offer amazing results. To begin, we recommend the Philips Beauty Frizz-Ease, but if not available, gel, polishes are a great alternative to prep dry acrylics. Add shine to your nails using shine powder. Stronger polish means more shine and less dryness and damage. If you do want to go a little darker, go for an enhanced oxblood or lilac shade, depending on your mood. Avoid base coat mixes because they’re not designed for salon settings. Apply a polishing powder to your fingers. Make sure to save them so you don’t have to use this every day (we promise your nail bed will be permanently dry by the end of the day!). Strobe your nails with the Nails Inc. Luminizing Film ($11). This candle-like effect locks in the shiny, invisible base coat. Try hand paste for a splash of color or to add a little body. Mix any kind of liquid polish with your mani to get an impactful look. The formula contains 28 antioxidants and vitamin C to keep your hands soft and youthful for longer.