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Planning a Decor-Packed Night Out? Look Outside the Box For Weddings In Pink

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What’s better than an awesome night out on the town? A stunning night out on the town involving beautiful nails. Let’s face it, the whole middle finger-in-someone’s-face look can definitely get you a few stares, but all that glitters is not, in reality, gold.

Learn how to master the trendiest nail trends you’ve never tried with expert advice from manicurist Renée Edouard! And check out our top picks for nail trends to rock any time.

1. Cherry Blossom Wedding Nails

All your friends are saying “I do” but you can show up to your wedding in a stunning marriage-inspired nail design that has the same finishing touches as a crystal-studded wedding dress!


• Carmex Supreme Nail Polish in Rose Water

• Chamomile Bubble

• Fresh Breath Gem Glass

2. Golden Serenade Nails

These glamorous golden tips showcase your creativity and prove that beautiful nails and a great sense of style go hand in hand.


• Carmex Supremo Nail Polish in Talay Gold

• Chantilly Lace

• Wildflower Ice Cream Swirl Nail Swirl

• Gold-Resilient Gel

3. Mirror Patterned Nails

The trend-setting matchmaking beauty tips are found in this hydrating nail pattern from beauty blogger, Olivia Zia. The flattering optical illusion design layers color and shine, proving that artistry and polish are here to stay.

4. Gingerbread Nails

Go the opposite direction of your favorite cookie and attempt the mysterious winter trend on your own.

5. Finger Print Nails

Homemade finger prints are our new obsession and these beauties will take you to the next level of nail skills.

6. Road Rules Nail Art

You’re officially in cuter-than-a-car-attraction territory and you deserve every single one of those compliments.

7. Sea Creature Paint

Spike-n-Horse design a tiny fish or some other sea creature on your polish.

8. Fruit and Nut With Pastel Nails

Keep them hippie and make your natural color an edible treat!

9. Sugar-Free Pencil Nails

The teeth-whitening trend continues to impress with every passing year.

10. Woody Nails

Brighten up your besties’ springtime décor by creating funky natural wood nails.

11. Busy Brick Nails

These crafty nails make the perfect summer accessory.

12. From Yellow Brick Road Nails

For fun with pencil nails, try these stencil-style beauties. The vibrant colors are guaranteed to keep your Manicure extra fresh.

13. Black Nail Paint

Vampire nail designs add mystery to your nail tips.

14. Artichoke Nails

Walk a foot or two in the footsteps of the Italian Renaissance and launch your own fashion line with these gorgeous nails.

15. Pony Tail Nails

Do a little spring cleaning with these crinkly, green ponytail inspired nail tricks.

6. Hot Canvas Nails

Go for bold geometric nails that perfectly complement your art collection.

7. Lace Eyeliner Nails

This pale-pink look transforms your unruly nails into the epitome of a piece of art.

8. Emerald Nail Buns

Two-toned nail color is the new black for spring, making this trend of eye makeup-inspired polish even more amazing.

9. Frock Flick Nails

Get your spring ready with a funky mashup of textures on your fingertips.

10. Matching French Nails

Think pink and blue are boring when it comes to nail trends? Look no further!

11. Nail Loop Nails

What’s better than your favorite bauble finger and your wedding ball gown? These adorable studded nails are both.

12. Wine Nail Art

What’s a modern wedding without a cool wine-themed Manicure?

Want to know even more about nail designs? Read on.

13. Camouflage Nails

A beautiful tip that perfectly fits any dress you’re wearing this season.

14. Vibrant Teal Nails

From your wedding to a teeny-tiny party, teal looks awesome in multiple guises this season.

15. Dazzle Nails

Hang a sparkler from your mani and show off your fabulous confidence with glittery accents.

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