Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

It seems that the list of new beauty trends that are infiltrating the salon of yore is growing by the minute, and fresh paints are taking the place of vintage hues and acid-wash shorts. But the latest nail polish mecca to hit the scene might not necessarily feel familiar. Because not only is it dripping with shinier colors and nonsticky formulas, this one also has a cooking twist: restaurant-inspired recipes.

One such concoction is Oil Nails, the new collection from OPI designed to help customers nail their best Christmas table looks. There are four essential product sets to choose from, including the OPI Great Pretender Glitter and Glitz Creme ($8). Let’s take a look at the top ones, shall we?

Oil Nails are a way to be inspired by something that’s been cooked in a particular style of cuisine. The good thing about this polish set is that it gives us a little bit of everything in one go. We already love the bright, decadent colors, but the accessories add another layer of fun to the mix. If you’re too bored to create your own recipes at home, pick up the OPI Oil Nails Cookbook ($13) and become an expert in cheese that won’t melt in your hands.

Be sure to finish the set with the OPI Cocoa and Raspberry Nail Polish Set ($9), which was designed to ensure that there won’t be any excessive drying while you’re at the table.


Here are a few photos of just one of the sets that are available to buy now at