Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Looking to cure a bad Manicure from last week? Tech, selfies, and other little things can be the culprit. A little expert insight can make a huge difference when it comes to achieving an authentic Manicure. Here are a few tips to get your nails just right.

Opt for simple repairs. “The easiest way to prevent your cuticles from peeling or hurting is with a simple solution like a tinted stick or some white glue,” says Michelle Leonian, celebrity manicurist and founder of Clean Nails Academy. “I like something bright and simple, not really anything glittery, to create a bit of shine and amp up any redness.” Try Diana’s Renatin Tinted Polish or NYX’s Tinted Liquid Polish, both of which can work as both a normal polish and a balm. Also, tweezers can be a lifesaver if you’re short on time. Instead of spraying cleaners in your tools (that’ll only seal the cuts and gnaws in) buy a pair of lab-grade tweezers. “They work best on your nails, do not dry out your hands, and will allow them to heal themselves. They are not meant to be used at all on other areas of your skin, like the cheeks, ears, or nostrils, because they could trap bacteria on them and easily cause a fungus,” Leonian adds.

Use a towel to wipe off your polish. You don’t want to scrub away your polish with your hands so best to use a lavender-scented, long-soaping towel. “I’ve had it come off on my hands with that,” says Leonian. Just be sure to keep your hands away from anything that could damage it — bathrooms, nail salons, and most likely, your pet!