Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Nails are usually one of those simple beauty items that can always be improved by a well-placed top coat, but it’s probably not obvious how important it is. How often should you be washing the polish off? Is it okay to use one to two coats, or should you even try to get that mani-pimped out shine while you still have some time?

Luckily, we’ve consulted Ami Sadik, industry expert for Odorfree, so here’s all the skinny on this overlooked but essential step:

Nothing is more exasperating than a dry, chapped or darkened nail. It causes you to push some guys away. So not only does re-touching your nails unnecessarily ruin your overall Manicure, but just as frustrating is the fact that you have to pay even more for every brush stroke you give up. Let’s just say you can’t say you’re not progressive.

Sure, it’s not a matter of life and death. But you can’t imagine what it’d be like to have that dreaded dry, oxidized, sweaty nail where your cuticle and the outer edge of your nail meet. And a dry polish puts an extra jolt in your step.

It’s probably not worth it to take your time and buy multiple coats of base coat. After all, you get a nice base coat, a top coat, and — not to mention a great natural shine — and you’ve already finished your Manicure. So maybe just go with the one. If your polish is dry, dab it some on with a lip balm or moist wipe to get some extra moisture into the nail. The same can go for ill-smelling polish, but you’ll still want to avoid extra stickiness and messy smears.

You’ll be tempted to rush to the counter to get a top coat and get fresh toes, but taking a few extra minutes here and there can really enhance the look and feel of your polish. Without any color mixing, even after two or three visits to the salon, you’ve still got your polish intact, your fingernails still look great, and you still have an extra long time to feel fancy without having to rush.

However, with so many ways to successfully get that same mani-pimped out shine, it doesn’t seem like it should be necessary. You’ll be surprised how great your polish looks even if you can’t dedicate an entire day to your polish.