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Drink water and eat healthy foods, don’t overdo it on makeup and leave a tip from your grandparents in your hairbrush, according to major nail trends for 2019.

For the new year, many experts agree that turning the clock back on the pressure on our feet is key to an ideal Manicure. A far less manicured eye than 2018 is a big trend, as nails grow in, sprout through the skin, and turn inwards to form a flat toe.

“Because we are growing, our nails don’t always stay the same,” Kayla Marcus, beauty editor at, said. “We all go through different phases in our life, and nails grow differently.”

Here are six tips that can help you grow out your short nails faster.

1. Eat protein.

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Watch out for painful nails in 2019 if you’re fasting or living on a strict diet, Marcus said.

“A meal with a small amount of protein will help keep your nails strong,” she said. “Make sure to avoid avocado, soy, nuts and seeds, and eggs — all of which are high in calories and protein — as they’ll slow down nail growth.”

2. Maintain a balanced diet.

“There are many different factors that affect nail growth, and most of them are out of our control,” Marcus said.

Make sure you’re eating a healthy diet to keep up your nail health at all times, she said.

“Our diets can be affected by our psychological, emotional and physical state,” said Andrea Chow, co-founder of Cut Yard salon. “If someone is stressed out and they don’t get enough sleep, they will feel hyper-vigilant and they may break fingernails.”

3. Stay hydrated.

Nails want water, too.

“Humans need hydration because our bodies contain a large amount of water,” Marcus said. “We actually need water to support growth and as it decreases, nails might not grow as far.”

This has become an especially important development because nail growth is much slower than other body parts. So, keep in mind to not skip a cup every time you brush or polish your nails.

4. Nail polish.

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The daily schedule for salon manicures can interfere with nail growth.

“Your nails become an extreme weather vane,” Chow said. “If your nails start to break, you’ll be furious. Nail growth needs room.”

“You won’t want to wait months to get that cool, primped Manicure,” she said.