Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

If you’re the type of person who likes to use your nails the way they were meant to be used, you’re going to love getting a set of bite-sized tools that can help you keep that look. The Ciaté Hollywood Collection packs in some of the industry’s top nail artists to offer you the hottest products — with their eye on classics that have a bit of something fancy about them. For example, the Nail Full of Love ($20) is comprised of ivory lacquer and a wonderful pearl-infused oil. This and the Essie All Over Black Lipstick Chiclet Lipgloss ($9) also keep your polish in balance with small doses of building blocks that act as a stylistic medium.

Check out all of the tips below before heading to your nearest Nail Salon.

1. Apply Foundation

You might want to brush your nails before you layer on your foundation so that there isn’t uneven application. “If you apply foundation and paint brush on a purple or bright color, you can make the color come out uneven,” says makeup artist Stella Lieblinger. “You want to smear it on more slowly, not before it fully blushes.” You can also use an application brush to apply your foundation in bits instead of by hand.


2. Give Your Manicure A Minute

Your nails are gorgeous, but the moment they start to get dry you’ll notice they can stop moving at all. This “dryness” is actually a minor leakage from the nail plate and can cause the glue to leak. It’s so easy to fix it yourself, but if you use an acetone solution, it can make it tough to fix. Blend the acetone (read: concentrate!) with acetone-free nail enamel in a bottle called the Marco Tuff Nail Enamel ($25) to cure the leak before you go in for a Manicure.

3. Seal Out Bacteria

An infection from contaminated nails can also cause a rash or otherwise be quite upsetting. A silica gel called Silanex ($5) is made from the raw materials from silica sand, and they’re packed with boron, which is the mineral responsible for holding the calcium suspended in the gel. To protect against bacteria, rub the silica gel into your nails before painting. Silanex also has a stain-resistant power that will help protect the nail from getting a skin rash if you decide to add nail polish.

4. Treat Your Manicure

If you’re a bit too exhausted to give your Manicure a rest after work, you could be laying on your meal all night. “One of the bigger problems is people are washing their hands before they go to bed,” says licensed nail technician Carmela Santana. It could lead to transfer of bacteria on the hands and nails, which will cause further infection of your nails. It’s best to watch all your fingers and toes and clean with antibacterial soap or the soap and water provided with your spa package.

5. Don’t Use Your Hands On Your Nails

If you’ve got your hands, be responsible for cleaning your hands with soap and water after a shower. You don’t want to drop a bead of water onto your nails and suck it in. Two to three minutes could save your feet and hands!