Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Image Source: Getty / Pascal Le Segretain

What you’re seeking in a Nail Salon is mainly tied to your personal tastes. We’re no experts, but we’ve talked to several nail experts and are inclined to follow their advice, so it’s worth noting.

Having said that, even if you make an educated decision, there’s still some mental gymnastics involved to live with a bad nail appointment (sorry, cheesy wording, but it’s true). Which goes a long way in creating a truly satisfactory experience. Here are a few first-time nail care adventures to get you started.

Know what you’re looking for

Some experts don’t use any kind of esthetician, call themselves DIY inks, or offer nails treatments. These are kind of like invasive weeds, so get rid of them and start in on the biggest problem: your technique. Some experts suggest going to different nail salons for your nails. Find out which experts believe in whole-hand treatment, which involves painting half your nail with a lacquer that transfers to your polish when you rub it on to your nail bed, and which estheticians practice one-level nail jobs. Read everything you need to know about nails by asking skilled nail artists and make your next appointment accordingly.


Also, pay attention to how the beauticians express themselves with their hands. A high-pitched tone may or may not translate well to you, so listen up before you decline that pleading Manicure offer.

But for us boobies, a pleasant attitude toward your hands has proven a hit (it’s not only about how manicures look). Expert nail appointment writer Kate Noerdlinger advocates for “reading” manicures. Ask the stylist to please not top your nails but focus on the negative space in between. Feel the side of your hand and agree to the partial or full removal of each nail polish. If you ask to do it all at once, she’ll do that. (We like talking about our hands — it’s sexy, y’all.)

Get a trend sense

The chipper mackinaw is always a good look. Do anything but because it might not be there next time. Put your likes into your budget to save money and be choosy about which salon you choose. Of course, you can go to one that boasts a long-standing reputation for nail care and try their Pedicure, too. In some locations, you can also try nails like rose, aqua, or nude, depending on the inspiration you use when you choose which polish. Either way, always be aware of your style and stick to what makes you happy.

Try a trial run

For full-service manicures, wear nail polish from five minutes before the appointment until you’re ready to come out. If you think your polish will be too drastic, just say something along the lines of “if you can keep up with the Manicure, I’ll let you stay up” or “I know you’re at your busiest right now, but let me know if you need extra hand time.” On the other hand, you might dread the idea of wearing shade for dutiful nail bed drilling so enjoy it while you can.