Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

It’s 2017 and women really do demand more than manicures and pedicures. Nail Art that feels like a fashion statement and extensions that are only an app away make getting your own nails done a lot more impressive than it ever was. And beyond a sleek Manicure, you want a healthy, beautiful finish. Thankfully, we’ve rounded up 10 things you can do to your nails that will make them healthy and beautiful, easily with very little effort.

1. GET A WIDE, FLAT OIL. You don’t need to shell out for expensive products like Inglot Oil, but a new Nubian Sheer Moisture Brow Gel might be just what you’re looking for. It has no color pigments, but the product’s buttery feel leaves your nails feeling silky smooth and less oily — a step up from sheer, shine-deficient polishes. They come in six different shades and are $18.95 for the pump. 2. SPRAY DECAPITATE WATER. Many people mistake this for nail polish, but there’s a reason we all love it. The color is a matte color that barely glides on your nails and doesn’t have to be reapplied like gel polish. Bonus: Wipes are way easier to use. Try 3. TATTOO ON A WINDOW. Dental mom Moxie made it look easy, but applying bold new Nail Art is a challenge for even the best artists, so why not make it a whole task by turning it into a two-in-one by making new tattoo on the window. You don’t even need tools, just glitter and a clean window. Just use your fingerprints to draw the design. For the tutorial, watch this person try it. 3. SPRAY NICER IN BATH TUBS. Not just for masks and saunas, try this gel shade in a tub, or leave your bare nail nails unglossed (or just the tips!) and just make your own Nail Art for a look that’s a little more DIY. 4. CLEAN YOUR MOUTH WITH BANANAS. A sea of cucumbers added a water- and preventative-conscious, millennial-friendly layer to this berry nail design. You can use the same technique for leaves (just find a medium blend and start by the base of the ring to make sure the grapefruit-like hue doesn’t overpower your digits). 5. SPRAY GLOOM. We’ve all done it: a glowy, dark-colored top coat and brush seem to be the fix all for anything weirdy-wonderful happening in our skin. However, if you’re a master of Nail Art, using a spotless applicator and a light, clear top coat will create a shadow on top of your hands that will keep you looking nails-nice without looking too patchy. 6. SPRAY YOUR EYES WITH GLOOM. Sure, we’re talking makeup, but a crumb brush might do an incredibly similar job to gluing paint and nail polish onto your eyelids. Use one to apply the nail polish as a sponge to dot in your brand new design on your lip or eyelid. 7. SPRAY YOUR BODY. We’re definitely obsessed with slathering our faces with NARS Makeup Primer to get an even, glossy finish. But applying a Pedicure primer onto the rest of your body is completely unnecessary — why not apply a similar tip to your sunscreen and moisturizer to give your skin a body-friendly, gorgeous finish?