Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Having babies is tough for dads, but there’s nothing harder than getting baby fingernails. While growing them is a little deceptively simple, there’s actually no easy way to do it. However, many do it at home, which you can do too, so long as you follow a few simple tips and all your moppets are sleeping.

Keep It Simple

If you start with baby-soft organic coconut oil (unless you can get some iodine), keep it simple, says Dr. Loeb. Spray baby-soft coconut oil onto baby nails on both nails as well as a small bit of baby oil on the rest of the fingernail.

Once the baby reaches a certain age (typically 18 months and over), use any of your other nail polishes, such as sea salt or pure olive oil to polish baby nails. Baby oil looks great. Use the same tip above but don’t use as much baby oil.


Create Small Nail Art

Remember the tip about your nails being baby-soft? So is baby Nail Art. Since it’s not an in-home job, it’s best to keep your baby nails small with edges cut at the same length to keep the cuticles tidy.

2. The No-Nail-Debate

However, you have the option to deal with baby nails in the professional realm. Dr. Loeb says that right before your home birth, see your dermatologist or get a professional nail care specialist. He points out that everyone’s own “growth rate” for baby nails will determine whether or not they need to receive professional service.

3. Ween Skin Off

Once you decide on a professional nail polish if they match your nail color, add an extra coat of polish (like wine), and wipe the top coat off your nails (just like a brush). After it’s off, add baby nail polish for an added look.

4. Red Clay

Our fingers do it. Our toes do it. And our moms do it. Try using baby clay to spackle your baby’s nails with to reduce the pressure on the skin.

5. Moisturize Baby Nails

See: dry nails. Dry baby nails are extremely painful. Dr. Loeb explains that when your nails are dry, they actually form fungus that actually causes diseases in the nail bed.

Enter: your Pedicure. While most of us are too busy to schedule a Pedicure, Dr. Loeb stresses that you can still exfoliate your nails, so as not to build up fungus. He suggests starting with 20 minutes of tea tree oil, followed by a Pedicure using natural ingredients such as olive oil and jojoba oil.