Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Nails are a great accessory to any outfit, particularly if they’re done in an elegant fashion.

My pick for the perfect self-loathing Nail Art are gorgeous blue tips. It’s the perfect combination of adult-friendly, beautifully detailed nails that will enhance your outfit. You can’t go wrong with any makeup shade, and a tux would look especially gorgeous with blue.

This look is all about bright and seasonal colors, be it bright reds or subtle, silvery shades of blue.


Another easy trick? Instead of applying polish directly on the top of your nails, take a small nail file or pencil and gently pull the top layer of the polish off. Let it dry for up to 20 minutes, then apply nail polish directly onto your nail’s top layer.

Now that you have your nails in place, you are ready to get the rest of your look together, which can be a little overwhelming!

Make sure you have one finger or thumb that you’re using as the base of the design. For this look, you can choose a base color like taupe, a dark shade, or a simple neutral color. For an instantly sleeker look, pick a nude or black color.