Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Mariah Carey’s nude nails caused a red face in Las Vegas. So we’re making it even easier for you to make a Manicure the right one.

If you’re ready to shell out money for a luxurious Manicure, then you may be looking for a trustworthy, hygienic Nail Salon. The Red Flag Alert​, developed by Rachel Greg, is meant to inform your foot fetish the hard way. The idea for the infographic surfaced when the manicurist in charge of the nude Mariah Carey nails onstage at her Las Vegas residency struck Greg with a concerned look. She was not even aware that the nude color was worth $700.

“I had to start at the beginning,” Greg told the Washington Post. “Did I know what white nail polish was? What was Nivea safe? No? I had to go through all of the Nivea websites.”


Greg’s top-of-the-line lab, Exo Group, believes that quality is all the more important for luxury manicures. “It’s not just about what kind of Manicure it is — it’s also about how it is taken care of,” she said. “Your nails are your only possession. You need to have a truly clean, hygienic facility where someone puts your feet to bed.”

The Red Flag Alert ​divides the Nail Salon world into three categories: hygienic, disinfected, and fully hygienic, which includes removing and then cleaning the dryer. Here’s a look at the infographic in detail.

Source: Exo Group