Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

There is something so empowering about a woman who has mastered confidence and self-love, at the same time as her nails are in perfect condition. When you see a Manicure that has a natural, neat look and a hand that holds a bold “morning/afternoon/evening” card, it’s hard not to get excited and desire to be like that.

Keep scrolling to learn the lesser-known things that every girl with perfect nails does every day!

1. Get Your Tan On ASAP

Once again, not all can do natural, a smooth bronzy look with or without polish. This gives girls with perfect nails the perfect quick fix (you won’t have to wait until your tan is fully developed) to get you ready for the day.

2. Use Natural Heels (And No Satin Nails, Either)

All girls with perfect nails have nails that look like super-evolved bridges of love. So, rather than wearing glossy, glossy nails, you should actually pick the perfect size for the length of your nails. Create that bridge with your natural knuckles for an almost-Pedicure finish.


3. Become a Playful Piano Player

After all, sometimes you have to play during an unplanned break. Set yourself up on the piano, give it a lovely change of pace with sharp chords and a cool tone. This will make you feel like a princess.

4. Apply Lipstick Boldly

No matter how serious you are, we all don’t always look perfect all the time. (And no one would blame you if you left your lipstick in your hair.) Keep things fun with a cat eye-lined look, oversized mascara, and a saturated lip color. This will make you look like a fashionista in the making.

5. Join a Music Group

Yes, even if your song isn’t on the radio right now. If you have a project to show off, invite your friends into a music group and stick to a small group of peers — those you feel comfortable with and have fun with. Get the power and confidence with great friends to begin to imagine you’re the next big thing.

6. Make a Selfie

Find a mirror in a closet in your favorite pair of heels and whip out your camera. Show off that flawless face of yours, with your go-to beauty tools, like a $400 eyeliner or dramatic liner shadow. Make the cat eye an official part of your makeup routine. Then post your flawless selfies on Instagram.

7. Cut Your Hair

Everyone likes to look their best, don’t they? Changing up your hair is a great way to get yourself out of a rut. Get a $60 gel right now and you’ll feel like Gisele Bündchen in no time!

8. Do Spray-On Lashes

Nails aren’t the only place to shine. On any occasion, whip out a can of mascara and a $15 LED shade. Just smudge your way to stunning eye makeup.

9. Get a Calm, Gentle Brush

If you’re going to be on the road, call your mom — you can check off this on your bucket list. Also, it’s a great way to stop stressing out.

10. Bangs

Another thing that everyone can relate to is bangs. Sometimes we don’t have the time or energy to worry about getting our hair cut every week or two. This is why you need to maintain a relaxing updo with a stray braid at the end.

11. Shave Your Head

Sometimes you just need a total change to your look. All of your self-confidence may be heightened, but so can your balding hair. Celebrate your fabulousness by letting your head go long, full, and frizz-free.

12. Glow a bit

A little of this and that. In addition to applying a serum or glow lotion to your face, use coconut oil to moisturize your hair, hands, and feet. Use a few drops of this on your makeup application, too.

13. Get It Swooshy

When it comes to your nails, keep them in a fun, cute pattern or a paisley Manicure, and leave them long, clean, and shiny.

14. Take the Perfect Selfie

So you’re ready to show off your exclamation point of perfection. Grab your camera phone or smartphone, set it on neutral background, and make sure that your mascara is perfected. Then take the picture, throw the ring, and hit the kiss button.