Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

“I’m all about the base coat, aren’t I?” Perhaps this is a new phenomenon. If your fingers and toes are a large part of your look, and you don’t have a funky faux-fur or weird artistic Nail Art going on, you must be sick of looking like such a wuss. We know, we can feel your pain. However, if you own a certain house, you’re probably concerned about the time and effort it will take to dry your nails, too. So, we’re giving you three options to consider.

1. Lathering Up With Chemical Nails To Treat Balm

Have you heard of the average soap is one of the first things to break down, so how about using your topical Manicure as a kind of shower gel? According to Essie director of nail and up-dos Wanda Suard, base coats are the latest beauty tool — and can be as simple as putting on a sheet of tights or taping your nails in a tape measure. Another pain-free way to go is with a DIY solution, such as Trish McEvoy’s DIY Balm Base. It’s silicone-based and the recommended application time is two minutes per coat.

“It’s super expensive at $35, but people share their great results,” she said. “I put it on my nails very lightly and I don’t even have to add anywhere to the space of my Manicure.” The Gel Base is also on Neutrogena’s new line. But, of course, it’s always possible to DIY your base coat at home with the same basic ingredients. Again, Suard recommends using strips of tights or putting pins in in one strip at a time, just make sure to keep the area clean after applying each lotion.


If you have to go with a wet approach, you could either prep your hands with olive oil or use coconut oil as a base for coconut balm.

2. Using Your Hands To Apply Base Coat

Your nails have been sitting outside, so it’s time to protect them from the sun. According to Lacquer Master Ceramist Deborah Lippmann, it’s best to apply the base coat first. According to her, it can take one to two hours for your nails to dry from base coat to top coat. To avoid any trapped moisture, Deborah advises applying a cuticle oil and a water-based dryer.

3. Sanding Your Nails

We feel like sanding your nails is just a disgusting phrase, right? Well, try applying a formula and using your hands to help buff away any imperfections. At least that’s the theory. Jewelry artist Danielle Martinez created her soap sanding process and it takes just 20 minutes of DIY Manicure to get your nails perfected. There are only a few simple ingredients for a sanding process, according to Etsy artisans.

At First Glance

Depending on your beauty routine, it’s more convenient or time-consuming to adopt one of these methods. Because we don’t have the key ingredients on hand, we’ve definitely got a few more tricks to consider. So, which is right for you? There’s not right or wrong when it comes to nails — one day, you may be the hardcore Manicure queen, while the next, you’re rockin’ cowboy boots like Chrissy Teigen.