Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Would you choose to have a company based on the quality of their location, the quality of their products, or both? Many nail pros and owners choose to work in a place with outstanding service and great locations because they can’t achieve excellence without a partner who will do their best to set them up for success. Local’s can often overlook this aspect of the job, and it hurts business in the long run. If you’re looking for a salon where you can enjoy the pleasures of the salon, but where there’s help and resources on hand to keep your business running smoothly, we offer five tips for choosing the best spot to work in:

1. Look for a company with open communication. One of the biggest reasons nail pros have great product and services is that they truly understand the ins and outs of the industry, their industry, and their industry. Most salons operate on a “no ‘yes’ ” basis. If you hear something that’s not totally accurate, you can quickly see things aren’t going well in your salon. Smile and tell your fellow salon owner when you know something’s not working, or let them know. They won’t be able to help you until they understand the problem, not be made to be the problem.

2. Look for a company that supports the community. Many salons support local charities, host fundraisers, and sell gift cards to schools and fundraisers. I know many salon owners who donate to community organizations and who never close their doors. We live in an age where everyone is so busy, it’s often overlooked that all of us have needs. Many salons have women’s salons and men’s salons, or even male and female only salons. Salons should support the community and keep close tabs on their own charity and fundraising contributions. If you’re looking for that all-important consistency of salon quality, a salon that supports the community is something to look for.

3. Look for a company that is highly regarded and well-known in their city. One of the biggest reasons nail pros choose a location is their brand reputation. My hands are sprinkled with the names and products of some of the best salons in the area, including Limelight, Loveroi La Casa, and Sacred Oil Artistry. Their reputation and brand is what makes a salon great, and we can only hope and work hard to match that reputation in our work. To meet the quality of these salons, we have to follow the same guidelines: business leaders need to respect the art of nail design, listen and educate their staff on best practices and utilize community supports. You’re looking for that very same standard in your neighborhood Nail Salon.

4. Look for a company that offers more than just free manicures and pedicures. Most salons don’t help you find the right products, but many salons have websites dedicated to providing users with everything they need to get a great Manicure. They want to be able to provide a full base coat, sealant, chip repair, and nail varnish. Some salons even offer free drinks and snacks on a regular basis. And even if you choose to get a Pedicure from a company that doesn’t offer them, there are still high-quality nail tools and services from salons that do. Salons should always offer a full service. If you want to get clean, manicured nails at a great price, a local salon will have the right equipment for the job. That means free treatments on both days, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the supplies will be used.

5. Look for a company that has an employee incentive plan. Don’t expect to make as much money as you would at the typical high-end salon in your neighborhood. Yes, your nails will get a little more polished, your hair will get styled, and a long table will have set aside for you to sit. There’s really no comparison. But when you’re not earning as much as a skilled, high-end stylist, it is your job to offer your highest level of professionalism. Salons that offer employee incentive plans are great places to work because they help ensure top quality service, but more than that, they help make sure the salon is financially sound. Salons that can’t offer the employee incentive programs won’t be able to keep their doors open.

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