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How To Cut Your Cat’s Nails (And What To Leave Out)

You can draw your own conclusions, but do you actually know what to do with your cat’s nails? Curious to know how it all goes down? Find out below!

1. “Look”

I can hear you saying, “Why on earth would you do that? Why would you judge a book by its cover?!” We don’t judge a book by its cover either, but for the same reason: to get a great cut!


2. Pliers

I wouldn’t use a razor. Look for catnip or a wire brush with tines. Apply the end of the pliers and pull it all the way through, one inch from the nail. Snip!

3. Catnip

No, we don’t typically use catnip, but it’s said that catnip causes nail clippings. Try “Poppy’s Paw” on a black nail, which contains the varnish dye and catnip you usually find at craft stores.

4. Sealer

Apply sealing wax to all scratches on the nail. Gloss is the most common choice, but try unpolished.

5. Lubrication

Catnip doesn’t remove nail problems, but it may help temporary relief. Apply nail lubricant to minimize feline sedation.

6. On the Regular

As soon as your cat begins to itch, apply catnip and allow it to reduce its irritation by half. Allow it to go off and you’ll have a happy cat.