Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

As the little kids move into their teen years, they become hungrier and more competitive. But it seems like you can never tell when they’re biting their nails, or if they are. If you have experienced their nail biting, you know that it can be annoying. If this sounds like you, here are three ways to stop the practice.

Use Your Air Conditioner: This is basically the best solution, and everyone needs it sometimes. All you have to do is turn off the AC, turn it back on again when you’re done, and it will usually stop your child from biting their nails. Some people believe that it really fixes the problem in the long run, but we think it will just make their problem worse.

Turn on the Spicket: All you have to do is leave the power on in the vicinity of your teen’s house and the nails will stop biting. Except for the part that they didn’t stop. That’s still the problem, since it involves “reducing the children’s exposure to air,” according to, well, according to all of the parents we know.

Switch to Fresh Cut Nails: When you have an old cut nail lying around, it almost seems unnecessary to keep it. But using a new nail file daily and cutting your nails at a sharp point can stop nails from biting. But most parents suggest that we should not cut them that sharp.