Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

With baby boomers and millennials out in full force to help their kids with their new bundle of joy, it seems like an impossible task to say “no” when you think you’re supposed to. Although any grandparents out there may have successfully finished their child’s school supply list, it’s still necessary to properly clip the NailMaid Ultracompact Nail Clip for parents who expect a different level of perfection than they should.

Though it’s easy to go overboard with your kid’s new nails, not clipping off enough tiny nails is the kiss of death when it comes to forming a “thread” of protection for your baby. We consulted experts on how to ensure that every cuticle gets clipped correctly. “It is important to clip off all baby fingernails,” says NailMaid’s Home expert Chelsie, who trained the NailMaid NailCuff. “Baby’s first toe nails are fragile, and mothers who clip them off while pregnant can allow the nail bed to heal rather than cutting them. This can cause them to swell up and become soft and go numb.” She says it’s a very important part of the NailMaid product line.

For safety’s sake, she also recommends clipping off the skin of the baby’s thumb, thumbnail, and index finger first to ensure that nail treatment can be put on these areas without having to slide the nail file over an entire nail.


The same holds true for feet, where your baby should get her first cuticle, and as the end of your baby’s nails gets old, Clip Nails recommend clipping all of the nail tips and then trimming away the tiny polish-laden hairs that don’t need clipping. Your nail color should also come out in the cuticle removal process since, without it, some color will begin to slide from the cuticle. The longer a nail remains for too long, the less protection it gets.

Clipping your baby’s new nails the night they arrive can also be bad for an infant’s schedule, because they need to sleep — probably. “I am so glad that these products exist to fill in my awesome role as child prodigy.”

Before it’s too late, go to your baby’s hospital or office, where they can be clipped for you to be able to zip them up. Just make sure you use up the entire amount of the NailMaid Baby Nail Clipper clip, since that’s one size for every baby.