Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

When you think of nails, chances are you think of “no matter what you do, they will always get worse.” When I thought about these words, I immediately wanted to start a new conversation. But before I could do that, I looked to the pen I was carrying to color in the words with an optimistic smile. It turned out that pencil was filled with the same question marks and unkind messages that the words come down to: Nails always grow back.

So, as a new mom who has a new healthy relationship with her nails and is taking good care of them, I wanted to share some tips to help other mothers learn and grow.

1. We see a polish that makes us want to swipe away the polish before it gets too big, so skip that snotty polish. We’re grown women and we deserve a lot more sophisticated nail polish. Look to the future and paint your nails instead of dumping paint on them in a snotty move.

2. Get a gorgeous, quality polish that is not too hot. Even if it feels too hot to floss, don’t wash your nails with soap! Rather, combine your polish and corkscrew and dot them with borax before you throw them in the sink.


3. Try not to over-pick your nails. Clean nails make for a clean, healthy home. Start by applying baby oil to the tip of your nails before Manicure — it is said to soften and soften up your nails. Then, bring your nail polish to the top for painting and hand them the baby oil. This will help stabilize and soften your nails, making them easier to clean.

4. Find the right prescription for your nail color. Most people are used to the polish you are given when they first come into the salon, and it can be great to try something else so that you are able to find the perfect match. Check online first before you pick the nail color. It will help you narrow down your search and find something that looks great but is not too hot.

5. Instead of regularly prying your nails off with a dull, dried-up bottle of nail polish remover, gently smooth out a wet top coat onto your nail beds (don’t touch the polish!) before applying polish to the nail bed. After you’re done applying polish, wipe your nails down to remove excess polish (it will make your nails shine).

6. Never have a rash. It might seem like a small thing, but rashes are a common side effect of over-pouring polish. Dry hands get red and slightly itchy. Look for a product that masks a bit of the excess oil.

7. Eye-catching isn’t for everyone. You don’t have to overdo it with your Manicure. Stick to the basics and to only take care of your nails you apply so much color that your nails have to come out and fall out. Use hot-peppermint polish, which gives the nails a fresh, healthy-looking look that lasts for weeks.

8. The look of manicures should always be classic. Be happy with simple nails and choose colors that bring out your features. You can still show your personality by matching your nails to your dress and your lipstick.

9. If your nails are in an awful state, you may want to find a professional service to have them professionally colored. This will allow you to leave the salon looking great and have flawless nails for your next Manicure.

10. It’s not time to start waxing. If you are someone that loves beautiful looking manicures, or maybe someone who grew up in the ’90s that will never stop waxing your gorgeous nails or cheeks, your nails will grow back just fine with a little moisturizer. Women that have now noticed their nails falling out but are doing nothing to correct the problem tend to use moisturizer and microwave some Dentyne mints. When your nails are getting so dry that your hands are starting to hurt, think about filing your nails at night before bed to apply good sunless tanner.

Many years ago, we had to stop snotty polish. We all made a new love for nail polish and it turned into such a fun memory, so we should all love the nail polish that is front and center today. The eternal reminder: Nails always grow back.