Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

1. Go natural in the bathroom: Your nails can turn neutral or neutralized if you keep them under a white coat in the bathroom. Removing polish can also cause tonal change. Before you do so, wipe it off with a clean white disposable towel.

2. Don’t pick: Colors can impact nail enamel as well. My nails were picked over by pet nail polish twice, but I didn’t pick because it’s easier than trying to recapture some of the dark color. Instead, I literally scrubbed. Scrubbing seems to be one of the easiest (and most effective) ways to hide polish marks on manicures.

3. Keep away from chemicals: Avoid nail polish remover with strong fragrance or chemical ingredients (chemicals can even remove nail polish from the skin). “This leads to super dry skin and increased chances of bacteria and fungus,” says dermatologist Dr. Jeri Clausing. Plus, I’m sure you’ve noticed that removing polish often causes flecks of dead skin to grow into your nails, which is gross.


4. Keep a buffer: Use a nail buffer and gel before removing polish from your nails. There are some products out there that do this for you, like Nail Foam. Use a small bit of the gels you’ve stored and press it against your nails, like you would with soap and water to keep your nails from being completely stripped. For glossy, leathery-looking nails, use nail polish remover gel for two to four hours.

5. Go grub-proof: Food can stain your skin, so wear mask before applying it. Gum, food, and really anything you wouldn’t want under your nails should be kept out.

6. Do a couple of cleanings: Clean your nail file once a week, or whenever you need to change nail varnish. And if you’re living on-the-go, buy a clear nail file to keep germs away from your nails and prevent chipping.

7. Work with what you’ve got: While you don’t have to master all colors, try avoiding complex nail colors and worksheets that require a second polish. Getting every color out of your fingernails would take hours and is unnecessary when you have a quick polish job to do.

8. Consider the face: Since it’s no secret that nail polish can pigmentation, make sure you’re planning for what you will be doing when you go to bed each night. You know a Manicure takes place throughout the day, but I want to sleep in a clean Manicure night after night.