Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

How can we walk a nippy dog like a punk rocker? At temperatures of 30 degrees or less, that’s about a 17 percent reduction in tetanus, according to a short but frank YouTube video produced by the Paramedic Academy.

Here’s how to get your dachshund to walk — without getting an aversion to the cold:

According to Donald Goines, a retired paramedic who made the video, the best way to get the most from pedicures is to get them done while the dog is warm and sedated. You can get a clean, easy removal of nails — plus a cool suction to work with — with a potato masher.

Nails that have come off at a vigorous pace or just were not finished can be cut short with a blunt tool like a hedge clipper. Goines uses a carburetor extension on a tractor trailer jack.

After this the dog needs a little insulin to cool down. (You will need some dough for this, but it’s fairly short-term, so use some leftovers if you don’t have anything else on hand.)

And for the final step? Get him some bottled water, then chill him out by putting him inside a warm clothes shed to lower his core body temperature — Goines’ suggestion is 115 degrees.