Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Nails and healthy nails are a major focal point of the top of the to-do list for many women in 2019. Every day, I get emails, texts, and questions from my followers, in which nail health is at the forefront. From new cleansers and salons to helping Ithacans pick their workout of the day, nailing our healthy nails is a top priority for everyone in 2019. Here are four tips from Clinique to help you look your best nails while staying safe, thanks to dermatologist and manicurist Dr. Babak Aravandi.

Treat them right

Fluffing and dry brushing your nails can cause an infection, so keep your ends healthy at all times by following the dots-and-crosses method. Dip your nails in rubbing alcohol or a nail polish remover and gently pressure the tips of your nails. Think “Tray Tamer” and “Vacuum Weekender” — it’s easy and safe to do this on a daily basis, whether you’re short on time or have time to spend on your nails every few weeks. An increasing number of primers and moisturizers come with the added benefit of anti-nail disease properties. Other apps and Epson monitors are available to help you keep track of your nail health and can send you a message if your nails look any strange.


Keep your hands dry

While it may seem like the best way to get more pampering in the gym, the ‘dry breeze’ of steam to get your hands clean can cause harmful chemicals to linger in your hands — a common cause of nail loss and infection, as the skin around your hands is more porous than the surrounding skin of the head of the nail, and can absorb potentially hazardous chemicals. Research shows that only 30 minutes of constant hand dry is enough to protect the fingers from bacteria and free radicals.

Protect your fingertips from strong chemicals

Do not use nail polish remover on your fingers, and never use other nail care products on your fingers and in your mouth. This also applies to bleach and acids, like those found in soaps. And, check out the sealants used on nail polish: some can cause irritation or infection. Use a gel Manicure or Manicure remover when possible and seek professional advice if you experience any pain or itching.

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