Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Looking to take your mani skills to the next level? Ladies who live outside major metropolises, such as New York, may not be privy to all the rain-soaked options of where to get a great Manicure. That’s why a few days after Super Bowl 50, we rounded up our favorite dry-mat nails. We scoured the internet for the best, most budget-friendly dry-mat manicures that really hit the nail on the head and work well for the cuticles. Find out the hands-down easiest way to master your mani, and how to make sure your nails are actually left clean-looking thanks to the dry-mat techniques above.

How to Choose Dry Mat Nails

New York-style manicures tend to get a heavy dose of cold weather, and that usually translates to wet, chapped, and chipping cutsicles. Those days are not to be missed, because nothing says sloppy like clean nails encrusted with a layer of dry-mat. You need to stick to the products and the season to obtain this look. And the best time to begin salons’ dry-mat regime is every Friday, when a trim and one of the salon’s most renowned dry-mat manicures.

How to Tell If Your Manicure is Coming From a Dry Mat

Dehydration happens when products or sun mix, resulting in oil production. The cuticles tend to peel off, dehydrating the nail bed, which results in dark and chapped skin. To find out if your nail drying is coming from a dry mat, all you need to do is look for stubbed cuticles, a sharp ridge on the tip of the nail, and small holes or holes. On days when you are running errands, you may opt for washing and drying your cuticles on the dry mat for a shaved look. If the cuticles turn a dark brown, this is a sign that the Manicure is coming from a dry mat, as a whole texture shift seems likely if cuticles are showing wear and tear.