Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

My #20DaysofNails is nearly over. I’m not just talking Instagrammable nails; I’m talking ice-cold nail polish. To celebrate this victory, I’ve shared 15 important tips from my highly polished nails. For more ideas, find your perfect color, here.

1. Wear . . . Only the Wettest Nail Polish. Wearing acrylic nails will make your nails dry faster, because they are made from acrylic (not paperboard) and aren’t made to last as long as foam-soled shoes. Why isn’t there a nail polish that makes nails last longer?

2. Get A Minimalist Manicure. Even the biggest Manicure fan will notice how much easier your nails are to access when you have a little less nail polish.


3. A Few Drugstore Colors In A Bag Helps. You can’t really go wrong with at least two nail polish colors, or you’ll spend your entire night with no nails.

4. Be Precise When You Apply Your Nails.

I actually get one of these every once in a while. Best not to forget — that would be seriously disappointing.

5. A Guy-Friendly Nail Polish Concealer Is A Thing. We’ve been known to break a few rules in the name of a good beauty look, but for simple nail polish colors, cover your polish with a classic mani shade.

6. When In Doubt, Get Nail Polish This Bright.

Dreary polish on a dark nail always makes for a dull look. Just do some trial and error and you’ll end up with something gorgeous.

7. Throwing Your Ears Back With A Base Color Is Fun.

I always intended for my polish-free nails to look like I was wearing a black dress with a fun vibrant color on the bottom, but it’s actually more chic to have a bold red under that black.

8. Bring Out Your Little Finger — Your Fingernails.

One of my favorite nail beauty secrets is to have my jewelry come off at night (minor scandal?) and then take a red lip mask with me to sleep with.

9. Nail Cream Can Be A Tool, Too. Like lip gloss, you can use a nail cream to hide your bare nails or add color to your base.

10. Every Manicure Is An Opportunity For A Color Challenge.

No matter what you get as your base color, you should at least try something off the chart (no pun intended).

11. Old-Fashioned Treatments Are Always Better.

Your skin and nail bed needs love every once in a while, too. Dabbing with an oil-free natural polish on the base of your nails will help to moisturize your nails and prevent chipping.

12. Sometimes A Minty Gel Mask Is All You Need.

Not only is this a quick-fix for a dry, cracked nail, but it also will clean and remove any excess color.

13. Black Nail Polish Can Be A Sexier Look.

When a Nail Salon isn’t your thing, don’t wear black nail polish. I can honestly say, it is a very tasteful, chic, and quirky way to express your inner city wear. (Just don’t wear it all the time.)

14. If You Do Opt For Black Nail Polish, You Need To Use It Right.

Be sure to texturize your nails with polish if you’re wearing black nails. A simple cuticle oil trick will prevent unnecessary chipping.

15. Colored Gel Is Great.

Sometimes, you just have to splurge on the bright colors. If you do, think about your whole nail look as a monochromatic outfit for your skin. Your nails should go with the tone of your nails.