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10 Tips For The Healthiest Nails Ever

If you’re anything like me, then your fingernails are a major thing in your hair and makeup routine (ask any feline pals that make up for you, they’ll tell you). But as my Nail Salon continues to keep getting smaller and smaller and more and more expensive, I’ve been feeling a bit lost in terms of trying to find healthier tips to be healthy with this staple part of my being. So this month, I’m going to try to promise you something that isn’t going to make your nails feel gross like they have to. That’s right, healthy!

Here’s what I’m going to tell you:

1. Cut them Short

A short nail doesn’t have to be an edgy, funky alternative to long nails. It can even be classic and soft. We all love a long, lush, luxurious pom pom on something, but in the realm of beauty, a short cut is totally okay and can do wonders for your wrists and bottom line, too.


2. Brush Your Nails

While we’re on the topic of nails, brushing your nails can also help you stay hydrated and prevent dryer parts of your body from drying out. You may be surprised by just how many of your daily moisturizers actually don’t reach those delicate parts of your body.

3. Oils

Oils are healthy, and they help keep your body hydrated and also include anti-aging properties as well. So if you have an overall sugar problem or sugar hangover, put an exfoliating base oil on your hands to moisturize away. Then, add an oil and tap into your moisturizing powers.

4. Moisturize Your Hands

On a totally different topic, touching your hands can help prevent STDs and staph infections. Not everyone needs to use oil cleansers or water on the fingertips, but if you see your handschy in some places and you want a dry skin-free feeling when you look at them after washing, then you should really moisturize.

5. Massage Your Hands, Feet, and Braces

After you wash and shake out your hands, gently massage them with a nice few strokes from wrist to shoulder, and toe to toe. Not only is it a good way to clean off that germy makeup and lipstick, but it also helps keep your hands feeling smooth and remove dead skin. Finally, give your hands a massage after you’ve washed your hands. Not only is it good for your skin, but it can also remove excess dryness on your thumbs and wrists.

6. Treat Yourself

There’s no need to buy a “healthy” nail polish. Just treat yourself! What we put on our bodies in the food department, we should be putting on our nails! Turn to other healthy beauty ingredients instead.

7. Be Healthy

It’s that time of year when your bff’s debut wine, and you should probably make your friends know it’s good for you, too. Oh, and your nails. Brushing your fingers makes them softer. Add an exfoliating base to the top coat, and your fingernails are going to shine and look like new for no extra charge. One look and smile: yes, these things will taste good, too!

8. Don’t Wait On Hair Removal

You’re simply letting go of healthy skin. For example, if you’ve been slathering coconut oil on your legs for a week, just let it go. Your skin needs to let go, too. If your skin is clean and moisturized and completely glowing, than your hands will be moisturized and shiny, too. Don’t wait!

9. Think Outside The Bottle

Don’t just squeeze on some Miracle Grow, because that could be putting more stress on your skin. Instead, look into natural makeup, like apply coconut oil on your lips (it makes your lips pearly). Instead of using shampoo to clean your hands, use a bowl of water to rinse them off, then apply an exfoliating base and line of moisturizer. Apply a yogurt-based moisturizer to your dry hands (and then there you go! Try lots of orange or yogurt products if you’ve never tried them before).

10. Go Prepared

While it sounds a bit “green,” there are so many ways to go green when it comes to your health. First, put your face into homemade masks with clean rinses before treating your body. Then, head to your local farmers market, where you can find the kinds of healthy fruits and veggies that have a much easier time staving off diseases. What’s more, you can even cook them (not only will they make for great meal replacements, but they’re extra nutritious, too). Then, prepare the foods you purchase before you go