Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

They say that the best color for the best nails is timeless, and it’s those same girls who will grow with the nail polishes if it looks good for a long time. The pros can tend to design with five different polish colors, but if they lose the ability to stay put, they’ll be back for another coat of polish, if need be. Nail Art isn’t necessarily a new skill that’s been passing down from the deep-coated trainee days, but we’ve picked out a few pointers from celebrity nail stylist, Taher Najjar, on why we should start mastering some of these favorite nail trends.

“As I look back on my schooling at school, I remember that colors that I would have liked to wear every day at art school were what I wore back then,” Najjar said. “If I was going to be painting a picture, I would like it to have a bright shade, shiny texture, and have amazing marks on the nails to make it look as though the pieces are tumbling off.”

While Nail Art is perfect for celebrities, Najjar says most girls have many duds in their collection that they can just throw on and run out the door. “This is why I enjoy seeing stars going from a very clean canvas, like a photo shoot, to a nude without too much polish, a rose, or a caramel to create different kinds of nails that will suit them and match their skin tone,” he explained. Najjar suggests experimenting with new colors, textures, and shapes, but he feels that adding new layers of paint to your nails and the base coat can really ensure that your nails stay in place.

“When painting a nail, I want to create something that is going to look sexy and sexy while still being removable, so the last thing you want to do is let your polish run off or get chipped if you apply it well,” he said. His method: don’t be afraid to add a layer of color to your base coat if you’re going to build a base for a long time. It won’t grow into your base coat in time. He shared two of his favorite tips to the on taking your nail look from generic to exceptional:

“Pick colors from shades that you like that have a metallic quality and diffuse light under your fingernails,” he said. “The lighter the color, the cooler it is under your nails. The darker the color, the more it will absorb light into your nails. I like to add a tint of color from one of my favorite deep-colored enamel colors or different colors in enamel to my top coat for the shimmer element under my fingertips.”

“Apply a coat of one color of your top coat to keep your nails in place. For peeling or fading color, move to a different paint, and don’t apply more color on top of top coat. This ensures that you are getting the best color on your nails.”

The tip for kids who are trying out a Nail Art trend for the first time is to play around with different shades before you’re too stressed about messing up your nails. If you fail, try again! “I was a manicurist at age 12 and worked with such incredible clients. I remember thinking that I would be doing this for the rest of my life, so make sure that the color matches every last detail of your client or yourself before trying something new.”