Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

When it comes to nails, I swear by long ones. I absolutely love painting over my toenails and manicures because it gives them a lot of depth and textural detail. I also think it’s a gorgeous way to add some of that “girl-power” vibes to your mani or pedi. It all started when I was in fifth grade and noticed a classmate was able to get a lot of her finger nails to grow long and shiny. I thought maybe my nail tips could do the same.

While I am the perfect example of someone who can get tips to grow really long, I often fear the fact that my nails might start to get damaged as they grow. It only takes a few years of nail care to get damaged nails (in fact, it seems like longer is a sign of a strong nail). There are a few tricks I’ve learned along the way that have helped to keep my nails healthy and happy, and it’s all about moderation.

If you’re someone who has white or light-colored nails, you can get away with picking at your tips to get them longer. It actually can be pretty fun!


Pick and Wash It Off Right Away

Brushing your nails daily is super important, especially when it comes to caring for your nails. The pith of your nails is made up of keratin and salt, and that’s all related to the water. When you get a light drizzle, you have to start all over again. Also, make sure you wet your nails down to kill any bacteria that might still be on your tips. This way, you will be able to get a fresh, clean manicure with no worries that your base coat will be harmful to your tip.

Keep Nails Tidy When Washing Them

I think that keeping your nails clean is extremely important, especially when you do something like wetting them down in the shower. Nails tend to become dryer when you go around and around washing them in a sink or using the outdoors air, so making sure your toes and heels are clean before washing is super important. Also, you don’t want to get the chunky nail polishes out too early. Both tend to trap dirt and bacteria in the tip, making it a lot easier for your nails to dry out and fall off.

Comparing Phlebles Is a Fine Way to Keep Your Tips Healthy

If you have small to large tips, you may want to invest in a polishing cream. I love Le Vian’s Hello Glamour Nail Polish Gel ($20). It comes in a gel-like consistency, and the gel stays smooth all day.

And One More Thing I’m Thrilled About . . .

I like an acrylic manicure a lot more than acrylic nail tips. They can cause some damage to your tip if you don’t take care of it correctly. While acrylics are pretty cool and can keep your nails healthy for a while, I like to get my tips greener.