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These Essential Tips Could Save Your Nails From Spring Break Blowout Hell

If there’s a time to have tender, squeaky-tender tips, it’s also the perfect time to repair them. Before you follow these proven tips for post-Winter manicures, shop the ultimate nail experts’ ultimate treatment guide, whether you are ready to go glossy or in need of a little more DIY ambiance.

Ahead are our advice from Dr. Dean Logendio and color expert Angella:

Clean and Moisturize

Dr. Logendio shared that your eyes are closed but you’re far from sleep, making it crucial to start immediately. Apply a clean, soapy glaze to the nail bed for hydration, which he says can protect from breaking down and drying. “Because the eye is closed, it helps to not dry the cuticle,” Logendio said.

“Use the good kind of glaze,” he continued. “The kind that’s non-greasy, which is the wax. But if you’re looking to get salon-y and shiny, rather than tacky, don’t use any kind of glaze.” Instead, opt for a honey-dipped gloss (like Fake Bake’s Obsidian).


If you have bloodshot eyes, wear contact lenses, he added.

“When you heat up the glaze, it can help keep a barrier of oils,” Logendio said. “You want to make sure your cuticle doesn’t dry out.” He also suggests using a small warm can of aspirin to soothe your eyes.

Combat Drying Out

When your cuticle has dried out, keep in mind that you should use more soapy water, according to Logendio. If you neglect this, you’ll end up exposing your natural dead skin and will end up with damaged nails. The right soapy glaze can protect your cuticles from breaking, but if that doesn’t do the trick, you may need to dry your cuticles with an oil like Oribe’s Oily Nail Finish or Ology’s Soy Caramel Oil. (If you opt for the former, this liquid soaps your cuticles for five days.)

“You’ll actually end up with green nail polish marks, so it just looks like you’re cut and no longer alive,” Logendio said.

“If you’ve had some drugstore OPI, you’re good,” he continued. “That’s the gluey type. The harder type, like Valencia Shine, or even the nonfermentable kind that are made to match your polish job, those are exactly what you want to try after a nail breakage.”

To seal the deal, use some clear nail polish and a thin brush or crystal polish brush, which is made for painting nail polish.

Iggy Pop Forever

“I’m a huge fan of Iggy Pop’s for his real concern for personal wellness,” Logendio said. “He believes that natural scents have healing properties. I would recommend he as an example of someone that you can look up and say ‘This works.'”

Logendio continues, “I do recommend having this glass scrubbing stone that you can take for a massage at home. It’s a lot of relief in a different way than going to a clinic, but also a lot more effective. And I’m just the guy who likes everything fake and rubbery to stick my nails with.”

If you use a glass scrubbing stone, your cuticles can remain intact, the nails can remain your own brand, and you’ll never be paying for organic CBD-infused topicals.

“This especially works for exposed nail beds because your cuticles will naturally heal, and you won’t have to do as much chemical healing as you would if you were using a real glass. So definitely have this handy.”