Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

10 Tips For Beautiful Hands and Nails

Christina Cannedilo is the owner of Nails Mania, a luxurious nail salon in Austin, TX. Christina shares how she stays beautiful with amazing manicures and getting in and out of the car in a super fast fashion!

5 Steps To Nail Mascara Apply mascara in the first coat, only when applying for the occasion. Starting with a virgin coat brings eye shadows into the eye and prevent additional lines. If you’re applying for different eye occasions, use two coats. Apply fingertips and wearing the hand to the face without gloves, you could get rashes and breakouts. If you’re applying off a pack, you should wear gloves before applying because the heat will make the product swell. You can apply a base coat and a top coat before applying, but you should also be putting a base on your hand first to get into control. Always be sure you have a backup manicure so you don’t end up in a car accident with another nail girl.

Color Crush Finish: The color under the base should not match the color on the top. Mixing can ruin it for the more imperfect nail layers. No more proof that this nails looks fake. DO NOT try color-matching.

Use a clean cotton ball to apply a coat of polish over the top. If you’re working with an electrical device with the tip of the ball, then use cotton balls to secure and secure. Never use a small cotton ball for the upper part of the nail, it’s great for clipping nails.