Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Think you can apply a nail polish that will last forever? Think again. There are ways to make sure your manicure doesn’t wear away over time, but knowing exactly what those little markers are can be quite the challenge. That’s why if you’re ever curious about whether a certain polish might stain your nails, you should turn to this guide — which features recommended treatments, best times to get it done, and the best brands. Don’t stress too much, though, because these tips and tricks are not only easy to follow, but they might also save you some money.

“It’s really important that people look for a nail polish with staying power, especially if it is their first nail polish job, since they get scared if it wears off quickly,” says Amy Hardy, a stylist who works at Bella Avanti Nail Salon in Connecticut. “Be careful when you apply it, and take care of it with a good salon manicure.”

Though Hardy advocates to make sure your mani lasts as long as possible, there are a few tricks that will save you a bit of trouble when your manicure goes away and you aren’t able to get your hands on your polish. For instance, Hardy always applies heavy, white polish, due to the fact that the white color doesn’t quickly break down and breaks down faster than your other shades. “Also, choose a polish that has a lot of polishes (one bottle) to contain layers of color. This adds a ton of volume and hides dry spots.”

We’ve also included a few other tips on what lengths of nail polish you should go to in order to see that your manicure looks as good as it can. Read on.