Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

The color and shine of your nails can get dirty quickly, but that doesn’t mean you should go around showing off your worn-out mani every single day. Don’t let your mani go from salon to gallery-inspired pillowcase, letting those slick sheen super alluring. What exactly should you look for before taking the plunge?

Formica can be hazardous to your nails.

“Formica is the most common nail polish remover,” says The Knot’s Jenni Schulte. “Formica is both porous and it has elements of xylene in it, which can irritate your cuticles. It is also brittle, which means it can snap when you wash your nails, leaving it scraped to the surface.”

The recipe for happy nails could include … chopsticks.

Unflavored dandruff shampoo? Dandruff shampoo? This? This? “Your nails don’t belong on the toe of your shoe and in the middle of your mani,” says Vogue editor at large André Leon Talley. Talley also warns that some seemingly-healthy ingredients can wreak havoc on your nail, like laundry detergent, soaps and detergents.

No one wants to go undercover during a run.

“Facial sunscreens can definitely play havoc with your nails,” says The Knot editor Lauren Cox. “If your nails are bare and the polishes are peeling, that’s a huge red flag. It’s recommended that you wear a professional manicure after your run — especially if your nails are brittle.”

Et voila. We’ll give you a few months to get cleaned up and your polish beautifully restored before you step foot in the salon again.