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The stuff of dreams come true — now you’re the proud parent of a tiny human. Your toes bleed with excitement and you haven’t stopped screaming, laughing, and sobbing since she arrived. Welcome to diaper world, the Good Place of Mommyhood.

As you get used to your sweet little gal on your hip, baby wipes and toilet training tend to occupy your time. But now that your baby is 3 months old, you’ll find yourself knee-deep in her fingernails. For a moment, you may have jumped to the same conclusion as many new parents — namely, that you should quit. But make no mistake: you’ll eventually adjust to your messy newborn’s cluttered fingernails, and it will be delightful.

However, there are a few helpful tips and tactics you can use to quickly clip her toenails. As a mom, it is important that you follow these simple steps to make the process as painless as possible.

How to Clip Nails With Baby in Your Arms

Start off by inspecting your baby’s nails to find the perfect spot. Many babies have the tendency to rub up against other body parts to attach them. This will force your hands to constantly release and let your baby’s nails slide down your fingers.

Instead, you can clip her nails while hugging her. Squeeze the ends of your baby’s nails to make the ringlets separate and spread. You can then only apply the tip of your fingernail as you slide it down. To complete the nip, feel and snip the nail between your fingers. Always try to avoid applying too much pressure.

How to Clip Nails With Your Baby on Your Back

This is the method that works best for you, as the ringlets may slide off easily in your hands.

1. Apply a few drops of extra-dry nail polish remover, such as nail polish remover that matches your baby’s skin tone. Shake the bottle and put it on your baby’s fingertips to melt.

2. Extend your fingers toward the middle of her infant fingers to create a tray.

3. Squeeze your baby’s baby fingers to release ringlets between her fingers.

4. Gently pat the space between the tips of your baby’s fingers to smooth out the nail. Do this while being mindful of the cute little baby.

5. Insert a thick flexible straight-edged screwdriver into your baby’s nail zone, and work your way down the nail with the guide to the nail. As the nail grew, you’ll feel the screw separating, which creates more surface area for the nail to adhere to.

6. Continue the process until your baby’s nail has broken down and has completely fallen away to a small nail.

How to Clip Nails With Baby Backwards

This is a great approach for babies who are small and have sharp edges. Place a penny on your baby’s heel, and pinch the nail tips. You will need to reverse your baby’s position backwards to bring the nail down.

With these steps, you’ll have a much easier time clipping baby’s nails in the back. The crucial element, however, is to make sure that you are positioning her in a way that does not get too close to your back or too far.