Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Let me be clear: I have no problem with acrylics, strong bottles or glam season nails. But when you truly strive to be a bit more natural, you’ll want to keep in mind some tips and tricks to look your best. If I had the chance to sketch out my beauty day, I’d put in hair, makeup and nails. The theme: The stuff that makes us feel beautiful even when we’re not wearing corsets or super high heels.

Less is more

Do it right and only do your nails. This is something my manicurist at a New York City nail salon recently told me. Keep your nail color neutral so it pairs well with your everyday makeup. Also, factor in portioned down manicures. Since you’re likely to be around the house when you’re using any nail tools, be sure to take things out of the equation.

Choose a “best friend”

I went with my manicurist in NYC because she was a woman of color and fit my aesthetic. Get a few similar professionals to help you find a best friend that works for you.

Choose a color that flatter your skin tone

Nails are your body’s biggest accessory, so pick the right shade for your skin tone. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the usual colors that are normally offered. When buying nail polishes, ask your beautician how they like to apply the color and what color you prefer. You can always try trying something new the next time you get a manicure.

Hide nail spots

How many of us are aware that we have all kinds of nooks and crannies that your nail polish absorbs into? If you have things that are annoying to see (like a couple times a day with your eyebrows), invest in some simple foam or down-foam applicators. I recommend trying out a gel-color or anti-shine polishes. They’re super long lasting and keep nail shine to a minimum.