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Top tips to repair dry damaged nails

Ideally, a nail’s ability to hold the nailbed should be properly defined for it to be strong enough to withstand simple rubdowns and stress. Luckily, dry, damaged nails don’t usually require a nail file or polish remover to be restored to its normal strength. In fact, there are a number of ways to fix some of the most common nail issues, without the use of a harsh polish remover.

Top tips to fix dry damaged nails

If your nails are currently injured:

Some injured nails may require additional steps to determine the ideal repair solution. If your nail is hanging off of its nail bed, covering it up and leaving it cracked or bleeding may just be the symptom of a much more serious problem.

Take care not to pull the nail down while you’re on the phone. The pressure placed on the nail at this moment can break the nail completely. Wash your hands after consulting with a doctor, and/or soak your damaged nail in a very strong, yet cool, soapy water solution. This will prevent your broken nail from breaking completely. Clean your nails immediately after this step so that you can avoid the risk of further injury. Also, make sure to keep your nail bed in good condition so that you don’t risk damaging it more. If you know your nail bed is only thin, make sure to take extra precautions.

Replace your damaged nails if they can be saved. When possible, replace your broken nails. It’s important to preserve your nails, so don’t waste money on artificial nails. However, if your natural nails are very strong, then feel free to replace your damaged nails. This will only result in one more nail with the same problem. Also, splint your nail to make sure that your nail is stable enough for removal surgery.

If your nails have been damaged and you can only fix it with a nail file:

Keep in mind that a file’s damage-related ability is limited by the drying of the nail and the type of nail file used.

If your damaged nails require no fix at all:

If your nail was just due for a polish remover, don’t hesitate to use it. If you see a nail sticking out or easily falling off in your chosen nail file, decide to use a completely different nail file. If it is working well, however, you can stop using the original nail file you installed after the incident.

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