Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Hollister Crystal Hansen, owner of Eight Nails , has spent a lifetime navigating the beauty world to find solutions for messy nails. One that many people do not know, but should, is how to grow nails as long as possible. She offers tutorials on how to achieve your vision on her YouTube channel, Thread It.

Hansen helps you grow a tiny nail in eight minutes, and shows you how to guarantee it’s going to last for weeks.

She shares with HuffPost what you need to start growing a nail that’s about the size of a thumbnail in as little as 48 hours:

1) Follow my instructions to stick a toothpick into the nail bed, making sure it’s perpendicular to the nail.

2) Hold your toothpick vertically in the middle of the nail and use your fingernail to keep the toothpick straight. I recommend taking a photo of yourself to help see how close the toothpick is to the nail bed.

3) Press the toothpick in until the toothpick is in place. If you have a 2.5 centimeter nail, simply half a toothpick per finger. If you have a 3.5 cm nail, just half an inch. If you have a 6.5 cm nail, go for it and use a full toothpick.

4) You should now see the nail change from white to orange and the base black to deep purple.

5) Click the nail as hard as you can with your nail file. Be sure to be careful with sharp objects.

6) If you decide you don’t like the look and want to make it thicker, have a friend clip the nails before you use the hairspray.

7) Finally, have a gel manicure as long as you like!