Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Your nails are one of your most important possessions. A woman spends around Rs 4,000-Rs 5,000 annually on them, including the extraction of 10-20 nails during an average 6-8-week affair.

As women get older, they lose their nail polish easily, but the acid used in these serums help them produce better nail growth, says skincare expert Nikita Sharma

Nails develop nail polish color gradually as minerals in the nail heal over time. The nail grows at two-to-three centimetres per year. However, when levels of collagen are increased and there is less calcium loss, the nail grows more rapidly.

Nails are protected by providing vitamin D, the only source of this requirement.

While the nail is healing it needs to be protected by the use of moisturisers, such as homemade ones. The flavours are better than artificial products and they cost less, says Sharma.

Herbal creams

Dr Vijay Chandwani, a leading ayurvedic medicine practitioner said, “If you want soft nails, use natural products and stick to organic herbs. They’re much better for healthy nails as there is not much to interfere with the natural natural medicinal properties.”


Lavender contains a moderate amount of caffeine, the root of which has been in use as an ingredient in both modern and traditional methods of traditional medicines. It’s good for your skin, as it balances your cortisol levels, which is one of the key factors in the stress cycle.


Zinc, found in long-gourd fruits and vegetables, is very important for good nail health. The zinc found in the long-gourd is very rich in iron, which improves how the nail grows.

Green tea

Zinc is essential for healthy nails, because it fights disease and heals wounds. Zinc helps to prevent cancer, the heart, liver and immunity. You can say ‘Wake up and smell the apple’ when you drink green tea, as one part green tea contains green apple extracts. The apple extracts boost inflammation and immune system.

Vitamin B3, Magnesium and Potassium

The brittleness of the nail can also be prevented by consuming the appropriate amount of vitamin B3, Magnesium and potassium. Magnesium is most effective for poor nail function. Magnesium is actually good for all nail functions because it lowers the rate of nail growth, causes softer nails, increases nail health and is more effective than either copper or zinc. Magnesium can also be obtained in green vegetables, fruits and nuts.