Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

A woman who creates beauty products from her love of manicures wants to help you stay healthy and take care of your fingernails.

I got my bachelors in Nutrition and Hypnotherapy and work for a cosmetic company now. I like to mix my two passions and design beauty products which I introduce in my shop called Sweet Nails in Tampa. I dont just sell polish, I design my own nail polish and also have beauty supplies like lip products, eye shadow, lashes and hair accessories.

I still think nail polish is the best product to keep your fingernails healthy. People think not to wear nail polish because of the topical use of the ingredients, but the best way to prevent infection is to not wear nail polish unless you have permission from your dermatologist. I made my own fine nail polish and thought what could it possibly be? Grape Seed oil (to make your nails bright and to keep them shiny). Many people think it is a natural natural vitamin, but its only natural if it is the right kind of Vitamin (Sea Salts are an exact one).

It’s my favorite way to fix the damage to our nails.

If you are a nail technician take note, instead of using actual nails polish let the customer put in any nail varnish, nail protectors or even individual nail polish.

I also have the 50+ health tip on how to take care of your fingernails:

ALWAYS use a HEALTHY scrub or oil that you know makes you better. Nails need two to three times more moisture than a body moisturizer.

The antioxidant your body needs is Vitamins C and E and Vitamins A, B, E, D, K and Z. Dips in Aquafresh Apricot and Chamomile Lavender Purifying Blotting Papers will keep your cuts clean and protected.

ALWAYS rinse your hands with cold water, no matter how they look! Also wash those hard surfaces with water and a dry cloth.

SOCKS are your most fragile clean surface. Wear socks with insoles that absorb and prevent foot odor.

Stink socks are your absolute best friend. They are worth every penny. They help dry and clean your feet. The powders smell amazing and block bacteria, so they do double duty!

Always turn dry hands over to powder the wet ones. That way your hands will air dry so that your skin will be fresh! And its a great skin remover!

Powder your bedding for a clean bed. That way it won’t be smelly when you are using your energy for sleep.

And those are just the first 30 tips I have. Lots more to come. Have fun with your nails, and be self-compassionate. Be kind to your hands.