Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

We’ve learned a lot about good beauty habits through our own personal experiences, but now we want to open our books to everyone and listen to an expert who has incredible tips to keep your nails healthy. And we love going to nail technicians to look great!

When we reached out to Sharon Newman, Master Technician at New York City-based Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, we already knew that she had an amazing gift to offer. Sharon worked in hair, makeup, and nails for years before she started an eponymous salon in New York City called After and is now pursuing her love of education at New York University to further her passion and knowledge. But what’s interesting about her, beyond her fantastic teaching ability, is her book, The Book of Pro Tips, which is loaded with beauty and nail care tips. Sharon chatted with us about why readers should purchase her book and share these six tips with us.

Sharon says: “Take good care of your nails. You don’t want to be leaning over the sink to check on them once in a while. It is important to keep them clean and dry, which is extremely important for healthy nails.”

Sometimes we’re not aware that we’re doing something wrong when it comes to caring for our nails, but Sharon advises: “Nails are like human cells. If they are dirty, they are going to become brittle and break.” No matter what happens, Sharon will be sure to provide expert advice about good nail care to any and all readers.

Whether or not you buy The Book of Pro Tips, everyone can add healthy-looking nails to their beauty regimen. And just like with your face, you have to keep them clean to nourish. Keep reading to get some insight on finger cleanings and more.